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jācapps develops custom software applications including mobile apps, web applications, and other digital technologies.

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Our highly collaborative, four-step process results in outstanding custom apps. We discover, design, develop and deploy. We work with you to find the inspiration to move forward and to determine what your needs are. Because we are dedicated to your success, we keep a close eye on the apps once they’ve been launched for any potential problems and to help you navigate the inevitable new devices and software updates.


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Push notifications

Effective Push Notifications: Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Them

By Andrea Mendez | July 20, 2021

Push notifications can make a huge impact on your company’s success. But first, before we get into why you need them, you may ask, what exactly is a push notification? Push notifications, also know as push messages, are a brief…

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mobile app

Mobile Apps: How to Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

By Elizabeth Hussey | July 12, 2021

The appeal of having a mobile app for your company is obvious. An app has the potential to increase the reach of your business and increase engagement with your consumers. While it’s impossible to do everything right at first, we’ve…

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Platform App

Platform Apps vs. Template Apps: 3 Important Differences to Consider

By Andrea Mendez | June 30, 2021

Platform apps and template apps can bring different advantages for your company. Understanding the differences between them and deciding which app is right for your company is crucial to delivering the best solution for your brand. When jācapps was formed…

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