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Keepin’ It Real With Gen Z

By Fred Jacobs | June 11, 2024

Those crazy Gen Z kids! Just when you think you understand them, they go and do something unpredictable. It turns out more and more are deleting dating apps in favor of real life encounters with (wait for it…..) other people! In fact, the more you research Gen Z, the more you realize they’re a lot like US. In fact, they might value connectedness and being with other people possibly even more than their parents and grandparents do.

WWDC: How ‘Apple Intelligence’ Will Impact Broadcasters

By Fred Jacobs | June 11, 2024

I “attended” Apple’s announcement yesterday because I was curious about their AI announcement.  I wasn’t disappointed – here is my summary about what Apple’s AI release means for broadcasters in a special Tuesday edition of The AI Edge. Yesterday, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the trillion-dollar tech giant announced a slew of forthcoming technical…

The Radio Experience: Keeping It Fun And Entertaining

By Fred Jacobs | June 11, 2024

Since the darkest days of COVID, consumers have been itching to get out, travel, and enjoy life with family and friends. And records are being set for leisure and recreational spending. It means there’s more competition for the entertainment buck as new, innovative and fun concepts spring up in cities and towns all over the country. In Las Vegas, it’s Sphere, but in other locales, consumers are throwing axes or playing elaborate rounds of mini-golf. In 2024, it’s all about the experience. And wouldn’t you know it, radio plays a larger role than you might think. What’s the coolest new entertainment concept you’ve experienced in the past year? I’ll be happy to show you mine. Just click READ MORE.

Is It Time For Radio Broadcasters To “Thelma & Louise” Over The Demographic Cliff?

By Fred Jacobs | June 10, 2024

Radio’s not the only traditional media platform struggling in the revenue column of those harsh spreadsheets. In fact, network television has had a financial famine for some years now, due in large part to its aging demographics. But now a philosophical shift in marketing focus is spreading throughout the TV industry. Could it provide radio “cover” to make an attempt at the same strategy?

Where’s My #!&$% Car Radio?!

By Fred Jacobs | June 7, 2024

The “AM Radio For Every Vehicle Act” continues to ricochet around the nation’s capitol. Over the past year, the idea of car companies removing AM radio from the dash – once unspeakable – has become a regular conversation in automotive and radio broadcasting circles. But across the pond, a couple of car makers have quietly omitted a radio altogether, and they hope no one notices. Thanks to an industry colleague, we’ve noticed. And if you click on READ MORE, so will you.