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Multiple Ways Radio Stations Can Monetize Podcasts with a Mobile App

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"Hey Siri, Play My Favorite Station!” V5 & Voice Activation is Here
TownConnect: Your Downtown Rebound Solution

jācapps' answer to keeping your residents and visitors connected to the all-important businesses in your community. Having a mobile app available on smartphones makes any "Downtown Rebound" easy with information about each business that provides services business hours, location, etc!

Learn all about TownConnect, jacapps NEWEST product that promises to:

  • Unite each part of your community (Municipal, Chambers of Commerce, Merchant Associations)
  • Promote the businesses in your downtown
  • Highlight community events
  • Provide a place for local news
  • And so much more!
The Mobile Opportunity for Radio in Challenging Times

jācapps, in partnership with Jacobs Media, will dig deep into the information of Techsurvey 2020, the radio industry’s largest online survey. We will share new findings relating to mobile apps, in-car listening via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and smart speakers. Given the fact that so many Americans are working from home, the importance of these platforms is higher than ever. Radio stations with a robust, outstanding mobile program have a significant opportunity in today’s new world.

Smart Speakers 101: What Broadcasters Should Know

According to Techsurvey, smart speaker ownership has doubled in the last year. What do broadcasters need to know about the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod? Will Alexa bring radio listening back into the home?

In This Resource You’ll Learn:

  • How fast smart speaker ownership is growing
  • What the key differences between these devices are
  • How your radio station can take advantage of smart speakers
10 Things We Learned from Techsurvey 2018

Our annual Techsurvey is the radio broadcasting industry’s largest online survey. This year over 560 radio stations and 64,000 radio listeners participated.

Spend an hour with us to learn some of the key takeaways from the study, including:

  • How smart speakers are changing listening behavior
  • How listeners are using streaming audio and video services
  • The growth of podcasting
  • The credibility of radio contests
  • And the politics of radio – party preferences across all 14 formats
Smart Speakers 101: What CRA Members Should Know

jācapps executives Paul Jacobs and Bob Kernen spoke to over 300 radio broadcasters on the topic of smart speakers, broadcasting, and their evolving place in the home. Check out our recording to gain insight on how products like the Amazon Echo can leverage your media station.

In This Resource You’ll Learn:

  • How smart speakers are changing consumer behavior
  • How listeners are using streaming audio and video services
  • Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod effects listening habits
  • What do families use smart speakers for?
Monetizing Mobile

At jācapps, we believe a mobile app should be more than something that looks good or sounds cool. We believe it should generate revenue. Bob Kernen, COO of jācapps, discusses different strategies throughout this free webinar, brought to you in part by our good friends at

Topics within this webinar include:

  • The different revenue models for mobile
  • How to craft compelling mobile marketing solutions for your clients
  • How to use new technologies, like geo-location and interactive advertising, to produce results for your clients
  • How to leverage your airwaves to turn "ears" into "action" with your mobile app
Understanding the "Connected Car"

The car is the number one listening location and revenue category for radio. Every month, the number of connected cars on the road grows. And today, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have gotten into the game. Fred Jacobs and Bob Kernen will help you better understand the rapidly changing technology of the connected car and offer steps your radio station can take now to ensure your presence in the automobile.

Topics within this webinar include:

  • What’s coming to the dashboard
  • How Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto connect users’ smartphones to the vehicle
  • What limitations and opportunities are in the dashboard
  • Who is your competition for space in the dashboard
  • How to get your app into the connected car
Mobile 101

When your listeners are on their smartphones, they spend 86% of their time using mobile apps — and only 14% of their time on a mobile web browser. That’s why it’s crucial for stations to have a rock solid mobile app strategy. In this webinar, we cover the basics that every radio broadcaster should know about mobile apps.

Push Notifications 101

Putting your message directly on your listeners' phones is a proven way to drive app usage and audience engagement. News and weather bulletins, concert and contest announcements and program alerts are just a few of the ways you can reach your audience with the latest info on their mobile devices.

Join Bob Kernen, COO of jācapps, to hear how push notifications are beneficial to your mobile app.

You'll learn:

  • What a push notification is
  • How to create push notifications
  • Ways to engage your listeners through push notifications
  • Common questions radio stations ask about push messaging
  • Examples of success stories with radio stations using push messages
Mobile Strategy for Radio

Every year Jacobs Media conducts the radio industry’s largest online survey, Techsurvey. Join Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media and Bob Kernen, COO of jācapps for our webinar! Find out what we learned from Techsurvey 2019 that can help your radio station build a better digital strategy.

You'll learn:

  • How the mobile phone usage habits of radio listeners are changing
  • What do radio listeners prefer: individual station apps or aggregated apps?
  • The role of mobile apps in in-car radio listening
  • How smart speakers are disrupting the way people are listening at home.