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Copyright Clashes, ID Drama, and Al Michaels’ AI Adventure!

By Fred Jacobs | June 27, 2024

This week has been packed with stories about innovative tools and creative outputs being developed with AI models. Intertwined with copyright controversies and fears of privacy and job loss, we are witnessing real advancements in how AI customizes content for users and enhances ad creativity for good causes. Dive in to discover how AI is…

BIA’s Rick Ducey: How Radio Can Capture A Bigger Piece Of The Revenue Pie

By Fred Jacobs | June 27, 2024

If you get frustrated by “experts” who are never held accountable for their predictions, today’s #TBT post is for you. In June of 2019, we called on a certain media pro to forecast the revenue pie for that year – and for the next FOUR YEARS. Who knew a major pandemic would throw a monkey wrench into everything? But for this flashback post, we turned the clock back to see how he did – COVID and all. To find out this savant’s identity and to see how his predictions fared, click on READ MORE.

Public Radio And Local News: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

By Fred Jacobs | June 26, 2024

Public radio stations around the country are trying to regain their equilibrium in the face of rising deficits and difficulties monetizing their digital assets. But there’s one glaring opportunity few have truly leaned into that could exploit and enhance one of its true “superpowers.” Problem is, the competition sees it, too.

How Radio Can Improve Its Digital Content Batting Average

By Fred Jacobs | June 25, 2024

Yesterday’s blog post quesitoned whether the oft-stated myth – “Radio survived TV in the 1950s so it wlll reinvent itself in the Internet Age” – holds water. Today’s post is a more granular look at the specific digital content radio organizations have created during these past 30 years – and what will transpire moving forward. And I pose questions – 17 of them, in fact – every content creator and media executive should ask before greenlighting new media products. This is an interative process. I’m hoping to hear from many of you because this is truly a community effort. In fact, that may be the only way for radio to address its current set of daunting challenges.

Dispelling the “Radio Survived TV So We’ll Survive The Internet” Myth

By Fred Jacobs | June 24, 2024

A comfortable trope in the radio broadcasting industry has traditionally implied that just as the medium survived and even thrived after the television revolution in the 1950s, radio will innovate its way out of its current challenges. But is this historical perspective valid? In today’s blog post we journey back to the pivots radio made during those years, as well as the technology of those times that saved the day for radio. What can we learn from those wily broadcasters who figured out how to reinvent radio?