Let your readers take your publication wherever they go with your own mobile app. Easily deliver breaking news alerts and display current stories front and center. Whether you're a local paper, or a national publication, our platform solution is designed to deliver the best experience for your audience.

I'm Looking To....

Give your readers instant access to the latest news and stories:

  • News, events, and calendar feeds

  • Push notifications

  • Video player

  • Promotional panels

Included in V5:


  • Live and on demand audio player

  • Modular layouts

  • Audio and video pre-roll

  • Banner ads

  • Promotional panels

  • Open mic

  • Push notifications

  • Podcasts

  • Video Player

  • News and event feeds

  • Business directories

  • Connected car

  • Embedded web pages

  • Alarm/Sleep timer

  • Voice activation

See how our clients use the V5 platform: