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jācapps develops custom software applications including mobile apps, web applications, and other digital technologies.

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Our highly collaborative, four-step process results in outstanding custom apps. We discover, design, develop and deploy. We work with you to find the inspiration to move forward and to determine what your needs are. Because we are dedicated to your success, we keep a close eye on the apps once they’ve been launched for any potential problems and to help you navigate the inevitable new devices and software updates.


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The Single Bullet Theory

By Elizabeth Hussey | September 25, 2014

Reddit recently released an app for their highly popular Ask Me Anything feature (AMA). If you’re not familiar with it, Reddit gets notable people to sit down for a session with their users where those users can, as the title…

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Have You Made The Top 30?

By Elizabeth Hussey | September 25, 2014

With seemingly infinite media choices facing the consumer wherever she goes – online, music streaming services, the “center stack,” and of course, radio stations – only so many brands break through. This is becoming even more problematic as the options…

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