Generating Content with AI

This week has been a rarity in the AI world, a week where there have been no major press releases, upgrades, mergers, affiliations, or PR disasters.

Behind the scenes, there have been previews of upcoming things to look forward to, such as a recurring rumor about Apple both teaming with ChatGPT for upcoming iPhone releases and Microsoft releasing a small AI models that are far more efficient to use than the big models.

In this much-needed breather week, below is a generative face-off and a question for you to decide.  Given a prompt, which tool creates the better song?  Scroll down to listen and decide!

I’d love to know your thoughts.

AI EDGE – Headlines

Google Releases Series to Help Users With Prompts

Last week, Google launched a new series offering advice on creating prompts that maximize results in Gemini for Google Workspace. Although primarily aimed at helping professionals effectively utilize Google’s AI assistant in Workspace, the tips provided can also be useful for interacting with nearly any AI chatbot.

The first post in the series focuses on understanding what a prompt is, highlighting its crucial role in interacting with generative AI models. It also includes a practical formula for crafting effective prompts.

Meta/Ray-Ban Glasses Add New AI Features

Following Meta’s upgrade of it’s AI engine Llama to version 3.0, Rayban has announced a slew of upgrades to their Meta-powered AI glasses that include integration of Apple Music and multimodal AI.

The integration of Llama into the glasses provides real-time information about the wearers’ surroundings through the query “Hey Meta…” [Now all we need is integration with streaming radio apps – CB]

See them in action here.

AI EDGE Face-Off: Suno vs Udio

Both Suno.AI and Udio.AO got big press in the last month and have almost-identical feature-sets.  Put in a prompt, and these four-letter music-machines create a song.  For marketers, it’s a great idea starter for a client.  Take a listen to the music results after each is given the same prompt to create a jingle for an HVAC company.  Then vote on which one you the like best.

Prompt: Create a catchy, upbeat country song with a strong hook about needing a pre-summer home AC checkup to make sure the air conditioning works in my house when it gets hot


Hot Summer Breeze
Click to listen

Chorus Lyrics:

Gimme that pre-summer home AC checkup Gotta keep cool when the weather heats up
I wanna feel that sweet cold air on my skin
In the comfort of my home,
I’m chillin’ within



Cool Checkup Time
Click to listen

Chorus Lyrics:

Ooh, ooh
Can’t let the heat win
Ooh, ooh
Can’t let the sweat drop
Ring, ring, darling ring on your line
Home’s getting hotter, it’s checkup time

Click here to vote.  Results in next week’s AI EDGE newsletter.

AI EDGE – Worst Practices
Hasta La Vista Baby!  This Fire-Breathing ‘Thermonator’ Can Terminate Snow On Sidewalks
The Ohio-based company Throwflame has created a groundbreaking invention—the Thermonator. This remote-controlled, flamethrowing robotic dog is turning heads with its ability to deliver “on-demand fire anywhere.” Priced at $9,420 and measuring less than one foot, this Bluetooth-enabled, remote controlled robot isn’t your typical pet. The Thermonator shoots 30-foot jets of fire, is guided by laser sight and light-sensitive mapping capabilities. While it’s not advertised as a weapon, its potential uses include wildlife control, snow removal, and, of course, general entertainment.  Watch it in action here.

Originally published by Jacobs Media