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By: Bob Kernen

By the end of 2015, more than 50% of all streaming listening was happening on mobile devices. We believe that this reflects the tremendous power of mobile listening. Consumers take their devices with them everywhere – more than half of us NEVER even turn them off – and they’ve grown accustomed to listening — to music, news, podcasts, etc. – to what they want whenever and wherever they want.

So the audience is there. Problem #1 solved. Problem #2 is tougher. The challenge of monetizing all this listening is really where mobile audio succeeds or fails. So far, it’s failed. And the reasons for this are many:

  • Mobile banner ads stink – microscopic CPMs, click-thru rates approaching zero.
  • Any mobile display ad really stinks on audio apps, which are dark most of the time they are in use.
  • Pre-roll audio and video, while more valuable have limited available inventory.
  • In-stream ads aren’t interactive
  • We know from Jacobs Media’s TechSurveys that higher ad loads are one of Pandora’s biggest challenges, so more inventory isn’t the answer.

The answer is an ad format that 1) commands high CPMs, 2) is interactive even when the app is dark, and 3) delivers value, including measurable ROI to advertisers. We think XAPP Ads ticks all three of these boxes. That’s why jacapps has partnered with XAPPmedia to offer these to our clients.

XAPP ads are a unique type of voice-response advertising that delivers audio sponsor messages that users can respond to with just their voice. They are completely hands and eyes free. Check out a sample of XAPP ads here.  These unique ad units allow your advertisers to choose from a variety of consumer actions including “visit our website,” “call now,” “download app” and more.

In a recent pilot program we did with XAPPmedia, we had interaction rates of over 5%. That included click-thrus on the companion display ad and voice interactions. That is more than 10X typical display ad interaction rates.

Now you can have these high-value ads on your mobile app and start generating real revenue from your mobile strategy. jacapps can set you up with XAPP ads, to learn more join us on Wednesday for our XAPP Ads webinar. You’ll see how XAPPs work and learn how to be a part of it.

We are committed to helping you drive your mobile monetization strategy. You can find out more about how to monetize mobile here, or if you’re going to NAB, set up some time to meet with us. Just email or call us at 248-353-9030.

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