Wallaby is our innovative, proprietary app platform that allows us to quickly configure and publish native mobile apps with a variety of pre-defined functions at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our wallaby platform has dozens of flexible features that allow our team to build a unique app that perfectly suits your needs.  The apps are modular enabling us to bring together functionality, branding and design into a native mobile application that will connect with your customers or employees and show off your company on the most-used digital platform ever.

Wallabies possess powerful hind legs used for bounding at high speeds, jumping great heights and lengths.  They also have strong stable tails that are used for balance and support.

We knew we could provide the same robust base that would allow our clients to continue at high speeds, taking their projects further.  We also knew we needed to provide the same balance and support our friend does.

stream player

Stream Player

  • Feature multiple streams

Bottom Navigation Menus

Connect Page (Contact Info)

  • Click-to-Call
  • Click-to-Email
  • Click-to-Text

Web Links

  • Social Media Pages
  • External Donation Sites
  • Business websites


Advertising (Google Ad Manager or your own)

Customize your app with your branding (logos, colors, etc.)

Podcast Apps
town connect app

Pull Feed Directly:

  • Blogs
  • News
  • Events
  • Calendars

Modern Styles and Options

Audio Streaming (alarm, sleep timer)

  • Live or recorded audio streams

Video Playback

  • Display videos embedded in web pages or in YouTube feeds

Text / Graphics (via RSS or XML feeds from your website)

Wallaby Phone 4
Location App

Location Directory

  • Provides geo-located access to the nearest location
  • Quickly provide turn-by-turn directions

User-Generated Content

  • Allows submission of pictures, video or audio back to you with just a couple of quick taps

Flexible Pricing

Wallaby Phone 6


Push Notifications

Connected Car