Mobile Can Help Connect Your Message to Local Listeners

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By: Bob Kernen

At jācapps I’ve been talking about the importance of location technology for over two years. Ever since I saw a demonstration of iBeacon technology at a Mobile Mondays program in 2013, I’ve been convinced that it is the next big thing. It makes perfect sense. The devices (and the people carrying them) are mobile, so place is one of the key drivers of context for how we interact with our world. Suddenly, there is a whole layer of information available to us about where we are in space. Connecting that with our intentions at any given moment makes the world a friendlier place.

And it turns out that users are open to exposing their location if given a good reason. According to the Pew Research Center, nine in ten of us use location services. Now much of this is driven by mapping and weather, but the research shows that if you give people a good reason, or something valuable, for the privilege.

The key is for the user benefit to be clear. We’ve all seen the pop-ups on our phones when an app asks to access our location. Your first thought is always “why?” Followed by what am I getting for this? And, is it something I want? While weather and mapping apps get a 90% acceptance rate, messaging apps only get 30% acceptance. But if your station is able to deliver value – a coupon, a location sensitive message, or a special offer, it’s more likely that that user will tap “okay” when asked about accessing their location. Once they do, you can learn a lot about their behavior and their presence.

Broadcasting’s big edge today is the fact that it is local. Mobile can help connect your local message to your listener on the device that they have with them all the time. So look for ways to provide your listeners and your clients with a way to connect at the time and place they want.

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