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Lawyers' Mutual Insurance Company provides insurance and continuing education products to attorneys nationwide. LMIC needed an easy way for clients to get the information and certifications necessary for completing their continuing education credits.



  • Deliver Content in Multiple Formats (Audio, Text, or Video)
  • Individual User Log-ins
  • Track User Activity and Participation
  • Measure Learning Through Quizzes and Evaluations
  • Deliver Latest Announcements and News
  • Access Video Transcripts
  • View Requirements

The Challenge

LMIC wished to provide text and video content to their clients in an accessible way and ensure that clients had received the necessary material. In addition, the company wanted to verify the information was understood in order to provide certification.

The Solution

The custom mobile app for LMIC allows users to log in and see the content they need to review to complete their continuing education credits and other certifications.

Users can easily log in, watch a video or read a PDF, and then take a short quiz. All of this engagement is recorded and credited towards the user's continuing education requirements. By taking content typically consumed in front of a desktop environment and presenting it through a mobile app, users can easily advance their credits during a time that best suits their busy schedules.

The Results

LMIC clients are logging in and accessing this important content in the mobile realm. They are also more aware of LMIC and the services they provide, creating greater retention.

The app has also become a competitive differentiator for LMIC and allows them to have a closer relationship with their clients.