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Garnish Global is a “hospitality academy” dedicated to training food and beverage employees in Africa. The company seeks to educate individuals in the hotel and restaurant industry through a mobile platform centered around five hospitality modules.

Garnish Phones


  • Individual User Log-ins
  • Course Modules and Assessments
  • Company and Country Leaderboards
  • Monitor User Progress
  • Track Activity and Participation
  • Deliver Push Notifications

The Challenge

In order to provide an engaging and accessible training experience, Garnish sought out jacapps to create an app for its highly mobile user base. The company’s goal was to increase employee knowledge and engagement while decreasing training costs. They also looked to improve overall sales and performance among businesses.

The Solution

The first phase of the Garnish project included a back-end content management system and a mobile Android app. The management system was created to set up and administer the Garnish coursework, while the mobile app provides training to users. The Garnish coursework is constantly being updated within the app.

Within the app, users are able to complete a variety of course modules and test their knowledge through quizzes. Each user has an individual profile to track their progress. With these profiles, users are able to review their ranking and performance compared to others within the company.

The Results

After a successful launch of the Android app, Garnish wished to continue expanding its training platform. This resulted in a second phase of the project. During the second phase, the app will be released on both iOS and web platforms, and will also be made available in multiple languages.