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Food Tripping is a collaboration from SHFT.com and Ford Motor Company, in a partnership dedicated to helping health conscious consumers find better options. The GPS-based app shows users great options near their location with a fun, simple interface that puts the good stuff at your fingertips. With a growing database of eateries, healthy food markets, farmers’ markets, juice joints, artisan ales, microbreweries, organic coffee spots and more, Food Tripping makes it simple to find healthier and more thoughtful food while on the road or at home looking for inspiration.



  • Discover Healthy, Sustainable Food Option
  • Search by Location, Name, Popularity, and Category
  • Share Discovered Places with Friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  • Suggest New Businesses
  • Track Businesses and Mark Favorites
  • View Contact Details for Each Location
  • Connect with SHFT to Learn More about Living a More Health-conscious Lifestyle

The Challenge

Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer started SHFT to inspire a wide audience to live more sustainably and their partnership with Ford had the mission of telling many stories around this central theme. They noticed that while on the road, all that was advertised on billboards was fast food. SHFT.com and Ford Motor Company wanted to provide people with a convenient way of finding healthier alternatives to fast food. Their goal was to make finding healthier dining options for consumers wherever they are throughout the country. The challenge for them was bringing together and sorting multiple sources of data by type, location, distance, etc.

The Solution

The app is designed to help diet-conscious consumers find healthier food options, share their favorite places to eat healthy, track the places they’ve been to, and suggest healthier options for others.

“We are so proud and pleased to have built this app with jacapps and continue to work with them on next iterations. The team makes for a tremendous collaborator and really complimented the creative we set out to execute. Their staff, from the top down, were a pleasure to work with.”

– Peter Glatzer, SHFT