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The morning radio show Bob & Tom is syndicated to about 100 stations across the country. To help their fans get more of their favorite show, they decided to provide a full-service mobile application that can bring all of their content to their fans in an easy-to-use interface.



  • Video Playback of Show
  • Archive of Past Podcasts
  • MP3 Downloads of Show
  • Station Finder Using Device Geo-locator
  • Premium Subscription Option for Exclusive Content

The Challenge

For a syndicated morning radio show, balancing the needs of the brand with those of the affiliate stations was critical. Delivering premium content and growing that revenue stream was just as important.

The Solution

A mobile app that connected listeners to their local affiliate stream using device geo-location was the answer. Full ecommerce integration drives new premium subscriptions.

The Results

An app that puts affiliate needs front and center, while preserving the integrity of the Bob & Tom brand as made the app a growing profit center.