Construction Workforce: 5 Proven Ways to Engage and Connect Your Employees

Employee engagement is key to a successful business. Engaged employees drive their company to greater productivity and profitability. How can construction companies develop this level of enthusiasm among their employees?

Research shows that in the construction industry, momentum in employee engagement can be built through mobile! Sampson Construction launched SampsonHub in 2017, which is an employee app that better connects the company and its employees. The SampsonHub app reaches more than 80 percent of their employees with communications every day. Additionally, SAK Construction launched their employee app, SAK Pipeline, with similar adoption results. They reached more than 80 percent of their workers in four different regional locations, as well as crews on sites throughout the country. So, how do these apps work and drive employee engagement?


Here are five ways to connect your construction workforce:

1. Safety Resources

Employees can submit forms to evaluate potential hazards on the job through the mobile app. Crews can go into the app to see not only the latest notification, but also to look through a library of job hazards and safety procedures, including video. This is beneficial because employees can access safety information at any given time. The manager can access the recaps of on-site reviews with the crews. Most importantly, if a crew member needs a question answered regarding safety, they can easily access a list of safety managers and their contact info right away.

2. Emergency Notifications

Construction employee apps can allow companies to push out emergency notifications. For example, a notification can be sent if there is bad weather or to let the team know of an incident or injury. Construction apps also push out safety alerts following incident reports to make crews aware of them, whether it’s something that happened within the company or even within the industry

3. Safety Awareness Campaigns

Safety awareness campaigns get messages out to construction crews on a daily basis. They can display real reasons why working safe is so important by sharing these images throughout job sites and offices, so they can be remembered!

4. Operations – Training Programs

Construction employee apps can offer various training courses. This can include the option for employees to have their own login ID and password, so they have the ability to see which courses have been taken, and which need to be done. This will help not only the employees stay on top of their trainings and education, but it will allow management to keep track of each employee’s progress.

5. Resource management

Apps can even help companies assign workers to the proper projects and keep track of their time spent on those job sites. With geo-location it becomes easy to know who is where, and redeploy them if necessary to new projects.
These employee focused apps can drive employee engagement through the roof! By having safety tips, emergency notifications, safety awareness campaigns, and training programs right in the palm of your hands, it will allow the employees in the construction industries to feel safe and heard.

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