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Fred and Paul Jacobs to Receive National Radio Award

By Andrea Mendez / August 17, 2022

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) today announced the 2022 National Radio Award will be presented to research and consulting experts Fred and Paul Jacobs. The award will be presented at NAB Show New York during the Marconi Radio Awards on October 19. This marks the first time the award has been given to two people. “Radio…

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jacapps: Lucky 13

By Andrea Mendez / November 1, 2021

By: Paul Jacobs When you think about the number 13, it’s a matter of perspective. Some believe it’s an unlucky number. In the Jewish faith, 13 is when a child becomes an adult. At jacapps, 13 connotes an amazing accomplishment – on November 1st, we celebrate 13 years in business, making us one of the…

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CES 2021: The Time for New Tech is Now

By Elizabeth Hussey / January 27, 2021

This year, we attended the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show – virtually.  The largest showcase of technology in the world was condensed into a Zoom-like event.  But the impact of CES was as high as ever, illustrating not only the impact of technology on business and consumers alike, but also the way the COVID-19 pandemic has…

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4 Ways An Internal Company App Can Boost Your Growth

By Elizabeth Hussey / November 15, 2019

An internal app provides a new method of communication and organization within your company. App development requires time, money, and attention, so what makes it worth the effort? Here are a few ways an app can provide tangible and intangible benefits to any growing business. 1. Communicate Easier If all your employees don’t spend the majority…

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3 March Madness Bracket Apps That Will Keep You on Top!

By Elizabeth Hussey / March 18, 2019

March Madness can be some people’s favorite time of the year! It allows them to connect with family and friends and cheer on their favorite basketball teams! With march madness starting we think it would be fun to share with a few of our favorite bracket apps that easily keep you engaged with the games!…

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7 Basketball Apps That Are Nothing But Net

By Elizabeth Hussey / March 15, 2019

Are you a basketball fan that loves to stay up to date on your favorite teams?! With March Madness coming right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share our choices for the best apps to keep us on top of the games when we are on the go!   Here are…

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Why Do You Need Push Notifications?

By Elizabeth Hussey / March 14, 2019

Push notifications can make a huge impact on your company’s success. But first, before we get into why you need push notifications, you may ask, what exactly is a push notification? Push notifications, also know as push messages are a brief message or alert that is sent to a user’s notification panel through a mobile…

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New Comedy App Announcement: The Bob & Tom Show

By Elizabeth Hussey / February 26, 2019

Laugh Your App Off With New Comedy App for “The BOB & TOM Show”, Bringing the Funny to Your Fingertips INDIANAPOLIS, IN, February 26, 2019 — The BOB & TOM Show , a favorite of millions and one of the longest-running and highest-rated radio programs in America, announces the launch of its new comedy app, created by…

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Improve the App Security for Your Healthcare Applications

By Elizabeth Hussey / February 20, 2019

In the healthcare industry, patients are increasingly requesting access to their own healthcare information. Clinics can benefit from providing their patients this information, with one caveat: it has to be kept secure. Application-level security can be used to protect data accessed through mobile phones and other devices, but it also needs to be used with…

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Improve Your Construction Business with a High-Quality App

By Elizabeth Hussey / February 20, 2019

Running a construction business requires tracking a large number of materials, workers, bids, and jobs as efficiently as possible. Thankfully, there are many construction phone applications available on the market to streamline this process. Even better, companies that create apps can design high-quality apps that work for a specific construction business. What Are Construction Apps?…

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