Industry Expertise

Mobile applications serve our clients as an extremely versatile communication tool. Companies serving hospitality industries, or even those offering local guides, use custom apps to connect with their travelers and event consumers. Health and wellness organizations increase engagement with dynamic features not found on the desktop. Construction and logistics firms improve sales and processes between staff and clients. The possibilities are endless with a jācapps custom application!

Construction, Manufacturing & Logistics

Help your business communicate with partners, employees, sales teams and consumers. Your clients and employees don’t want to rely on hard to use mobile web sites when they’re on the move. Make it easy for users to connect with your information via a smartphone or tablet. Improve sales, customer service, and quality assurance with:

  • Product Catalogues
  • Quoting
  • Ordering
  • Product and delivery inquiries


Health, Wellness & Education

Provide quality of care and top-level service while recording usage and creating revenue. When it comes to healthcare and legal services, clients demand a secure, reliable, user-friendly experience. Whether you’re a hospital, insurance company, law firm or wellness brand, there are many ways to engage your audience.

  • Subscriptions (multi-level)
  • Content Management
  • Database Integration
  • Instructional Videos
  • Hour Tracking
  • Gamifying content and other tools


Local Guides

Customers of location-based businesses demand real-time information about everything from store addresses to product inventory to hours. Supply your consumers with a branded mobile app, and see how your hospitality, travel, food and beverage business can be set apart from the competition. Get your audience involved with loyalty-focused features such as:

  • Integrated Mapping
  • Video Introductions
  • Event Calendars
  • User Favorites
  • Geo-Targeted Promotions



Audio is all about mobility today. With the option to listen to multiple audio channels, on any device, it’s important to make sure your media is being consumed on your own branded app. Make it easy for consumers to tune into your stream or podcast with a media app that is easily managed with outstanding engagement and revenue generation possibilities. Go beyond modular media apps with audience solutions that can include:

  • Pre-Roll Advertising
  • Podcasting & Audio Feeds
  • Open-Mic (audio, video feedback from listeners)
  • Multiple Streams and Stations
  • Paid Content Features


Coming Soon – Push Notifications

Increase engagement with crafted messages pushed directly to your audience on their mobile device. Push notifications will help keep users in the loop, and see content from you with minimal effort. It’s like a reminder, or the perfect little tap on the shoulder. We are excited to offer push notifications as a new solution to our clients in late 2018! Other vendors were getting expensive so we decided to offer our own product.

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