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jācapps is synonymous with radio, and for good reason. We’ve made over 300 radio apps since 2008 and helped mainstream the industry. While media has been our emerging industry expertise, we’re anything but a one-trick pony. We work with a diverse mix of companies, from construction powerhouses to the big three to award-winning hospitals, we execute a wide range of projects to solve different needs for our clients.

Custom Mobile App Development

With the ongoing changes in technology, your audience expects more from their apps. We build custom mobile solutions that are as unique as your business. Clients choose custom mobile apps to better communicate with partners, employees, and/or consumers. Unlike templated or modular apps, custom projects take a little more time, the feature possibilities are endless, more integrations can be made, and they can be designed for multiple audiences.


Media Apps

Mobile portability has returned to broadcasting and podcasting — thanks in large part to jācapps. We’ve created more than 300 media apps and helped countless broadcasters, podcasters and advertisers connect with previously unreachable consumers.


App Everywhere®

Apps are gaining prominence in more and more of our digital interactions. That’s why jācapps created the App Everywhere® suite. Now your apps can be integrated into emerging technologies like Android Auto™, Amazon Echo, smart TVs and Apple Watch.


Our Process

Our team of developers, marketers and strategists will guide you through the following four-step process that takes your project from conception to completion.


1. Discover

This is where your apps take root. We draw inspiration from our conversations with you to brainstorm ideas and discuss the requirements needed to develop them.

2. Design

Once a concept has been approved, we combine skill and strategy to make sure your apps look great and are easy to use. Our progress will be presented to you in the form of a specification document.


3. Develop

After you’ve green lighted our specification document, our in-house development gets to work. This phase culminates with rigorous QA testing.

4. Deploy

We submit your apps to their respective stores and watch the download numbers skyrocket! But we don’t stop there. We keep a lookout for rare potential problems and help you navigate new devices and OS versions as they become available.


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