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jācapps is an award-winning mobile strategy and development company. Our focus is on custom app development for a diverse range of clients.

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Our highly collaborative, four-step process results in outstanding custom apps. We discover, design, develop and deploy. We work with you to find the inspiration to move forward and to determine what your needs are. Because we are dedicated to your success, we keep a close eye on the apps once they’ve been launched for any potential problems and to help you navigate the inevitable new devices and software updates.


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Be Disruptive

By Elizabeth Hussey | October 11, 2014

Digital disruption. You’ve probably noticed that it’s everywhere. The Supreme Court on Wednesday decided the case of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v Aereo. Aereo is the new technology that for just $8/month will let you use a tiny antenna to…

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App Glut(tons)

By Elizabeth Hussey | September 25, 2014

The mobile trades this week are abuzz about whether or not we’re in an “app glut.” The catalyst for this is a comScore report that 65.5 percent of us didn’t download an app last month.  At first, this might seem…

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Nice Platforms!

By Elizabeth Hussey | September 25, 2014

No, I’m not talking about shoes. But the way some media companies think about new media platforms, you’d think they were living in the 70’s. Name one successful media company that is entirely focused on one platform or delivery channel. …

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