Nice Platforms!

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No, I’m not talking about shoes. But the way some media companies think about new media platforms, you’d think they were living in the 70’s.

Name one successful media company that is entirely focused on one platform or delivery channel.  You can’t do it. It doesn’t exist. From TV networks, to music artists, to movie studios everyone needs to look for as many ways as possible to deliver their content and for every opportunity to extend their brand.

Radio brands haven’t been nearly aggressive enough in developing new ways to interact with their fans, and for too long too many of them have been too dependent on one delivery channel and one linear stream of content. But it isn’t all bad news; radio brands remain vital and truly meaningful to their audiences, and many of them have real fans. Those fans want what all of us want from our 21st century media: MORE!

The most effective way to deliver your audience more is on the newest, most game-changing platform ever – mobile. We’ve helped literally hundreds of stations land in the palm of their listeners’ hands. That’s great, but where’s my more? Your mobile strategy can be about more than just creating a new kind of Walkman.

Smart programmers and sales managers are finding new brand extensions, ones that tap into the passions of their audience, deliver new ways to engage with your brand and new sponsorship opportunities for your clients.

A great example of this is something Greater Media’s WCSX/Detroit did last fall that blew away expectations. To coincide with deer season in Michigan, they asked us to develop a deer hunting game, and it brought down a major buck! A fun, snack-size game supported by some creative, engaging on-air support delivered over 50,000 downloads for the station and their sponsor.  Fighting for a spot on the leaderboard, and trying to beat the station’s on-air talent, resulted in over 250,000 sessions.

The reality is that smartphones are awesome time-killers.  Eric Schmidt (chairman of Google) said in a speech two years ago that with smartphones, “You’re never bored.” Who doesn’t want to get their brand into listeners’ idle time?

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