How Technology Affects Media

According to the Buzzfeed Insights Report, social, mobile, and online video are three technologies that are drastically changing media. 

Social media usage has grown and will not stop growing any time soon. Instead of watching television, reading a newspaper, or even going directly to a company website, people are beginning to rely on social media to provide them with the latest news and entertainment. For instance, Buzzfeed articles and videos are shareable which is why they have been so successful through social media platforms. With the rise of social as well as mobile usage, it is paramount that content is compatible for these platforms. 

Mobile is becoming the dominent platform for social media usage, and will continue upward. Because of this, Buzzfeed is beginning to create content for mobile first, resulting in more traffic and more sharing. People aren't just reading more content on their mobile devices, but watching videos too. Watching video on mobile has surpassed watching video on desktop. The usage of online video is even surpassing television!

Buzzfeed has the right idea when it comes to being responsive to the trends of their users. Other businesses should follow in their footsteps and keep up with consumers. We should be seeing an even bigger shift in social, mobile, and online video as time goes on. 

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